Donald Trump Jr @Donald 16m v Fact check You people are morons He praised them and their success He didn't pick sides He didn t take credit He genuinely was happy for it and yet vou still knock him What the hell is wrong with you? NPR Politics@nprpolitics FACT CHECK President Trump praised the record number of women in Congress but that's almost entirely because of Democrats not Trump's party npr2BmFmn4 ACT CHECK TRUMP ON WOMEN IN CONGRESS Exactly one century after Congress passed the Constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote we also have more women serving in Congress than at any time before - President Trump State of the Union address Feb 5 2019 There are more women in Congress than ever before but not in Trump's party The number of Republican women in the House has fallen from 23 to 13 since the last Congress Altogether there are 127 women in Congress up from 110 in 2018 But women remain hugely underrepresented fewer than one in four members of Congress are women Meanwhile women are the majority of voters Danielle Kurtzleben NPR Politics Reporter 567 1139 3879 Meme

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