Donnie with the Tool @wimberlyOneTIME I called my mom out on her Homophobia last night We got into a huge argument now she thinks I'm gay Literally every-time I've called somebody out on their homophobia they ask me am I gay You don't have to be apart of the community to call out bigotry That's y'all problem now 640 AM 12 May 18 boxofsoap sleepynegress youngalientype The other day a white customer was mimicking the way a black co-worker talked over the phone to another co-worker and when he asked her to stop she said “oh I bet your black too” and he’s like nah I’m white you’re just being awful and I’m hanging up It’s that easy When people think empathy wo personal association or investment is strange it’s because they have none Seriously how has it become such a foreign concept nowadays to empathize with others even if you aren’t the one being affected by it? Meme

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