Don't compete against a mentally handicapped person Be proud of your teeth Don't compare yourself to a real friend Compare yourself to someone who has money on their bank account Lock up your guns before going on a date Marry a star not a stranger Hang out with individuals who demand something in return Hide your intes- tines Nod your head and laugh as though you have a meaningful life as often as possible Abuse your position or at least don't be straight- forward Bend over backwards and adjust your stomach for fun Put a plastic bag over your head Reveal your scrotum Disturb strangers when they're being intolerant Throw rocks at a punk Push neighbors while they're partying hard Hang out with individuals who don't have souls IMAGINÉ YOUR OWŇN DEATH FOR AN HOURA DAY Make up your own life story when introduced to new people Bend over and pretend that you have a positive outlook on life when on a date Cheer boys while they are partying hard Get romantically involved with a friend Hunch forwards and pretend that you have real friends when enjoying a nice day in the park Be hypocritical or at le- ast spread fake news Try to be a bum not your best friend Follow what's beneficial for you there and then not what's considered ok Read inspirational quotes before flying Lean to the right and be che- ery as though you have something to live for after ingesting hard dru- gs Imitate somebody when they're getting high Treat yourself like a girlfriend Be avoidant and introvert for your own amusement Pick up and hug a bigot Never call the police on a gang member if you rand- omly run into one on the street Don't ever pick up and hold a weirdo if you want to do that Bend over backwards with your hands on your testicles in public spaces Say it as it is or at least don't spread fake news Be avoidant and introvert Desire what's true not what's benef- icial for you there and then Stand up and laugh as though you have friends when enjoying a nice day in the park Tell alternative facts Whip yourself in secret Try to climb on the back of a giraffe Fant- asize or at least invent your own truth Stick a finger at the back of your throat Never cuddle a nerd when you run into one on the street Use foul language when you can Bend over backwards and hold in Thanks inspirobot for the insperational quote Meme

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