'Don't tell me it's going to be OK diary of a Latino teenager in the age of Trump FOLLOW @undocumedia UMM TRUM Source The Guardian Read more bitlyDumpTrumpDiary Angelina Alvarez fought pro-Trump graffiti by wearing a Dump Trump shirt to school After he won the election she kept a diary about her life and feelings ALL DAY TODAY THURSDAY JANUARY 19TH we will be sharing excerpts from Angelina's diary 📓👌✊ HereToStay When anti-immigrant anti-Mexican pro-Trump graffiti began showing up around their California high school Angelina Alvarez and other Latino students fought back with Dump Trump T-shirts After Donald Trump won the US election the Guardian asked Alvarez 17 to keep a diary about her life and feelings in this new era _____________________________ Election Day – 8 November Trump won … I don’t even know what to think I’m just scared I want to be with my grandma right now and just hug her My grandma that came here as an immigrant who worked hard who was able to buy a home who sent her kids to college who later became documented How can people hate someone like her? I’m looking at my friend’s Snapchat stories and seeing that even a few of my “friends” are excited that he won I ask them why they hate themselves Unsure how to answer they delete their stories I’m just thinking about all of the families that are going to be affected by this I pray that we all stay strong and do not back down to any of the obstacles we have ahead of us It is such a disappointment Our country is a disappointment Read more bitly-DumpTrumpDiary DonaldTrump DumpTrump Trump notmypresident Latino Latina Latinx Mexican OrangeCounty OC highschool life diary womensmarch Meme

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