DON'T UNDERVALUE YOUR VALUE SUCCESSDIARIES I've learned a lot of people won't value your true value Most people are takers and want everything for free It's easy to fall victim to this and I have many times in the past • Here are some tips to stopping the habit of undervaluing your value • 1 Stop doing everything for free If you want to get paid you have to start charging people Don't get me wrong doing things for free when your first starting out or networking is a great way to get further in life But decipher between who wants to collaborate and who just wants to take advantage of you • 2 Don't say yes to everything Your time is the most valuable thing you have Be selective with it If you don't people will think it has no value to you and will abuse it This leads me into my next tip • 3 Don't always be reachable Once you always answer every phone call text or email immediately it sets an expectation I'm not talking about customer service here I'm talking about in your personal and business dealings If you are always answering the second someone calls on you this expectation will be expected all the time The second you try to put your priorities in front of theirs they will think you're doing them a disservice • You biggest asset is you and your time Don't let anyone take advantage of either Even if it means walking away from an opportunity successdiaries Meme

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