@dr jacob harden SLIGHT EXTENSION LINE OF DRIVE GOES THROUGH THE BAR BENCH PRESS WRIST POSITION OVEREXTENDED TOO STRAIGHT LINE OF DRIVE IN FRONT N I LINE OF DRIVE BEHIND OF THE BAR THE BAR HOW TO SET YOUR WRISTS FOR BENCH PRESS When you bench the ⬆line of drive goes through the forearm For best force transfer you want that drive going from the forearm and directly into the bar But subpar wrist positioning can throw off this line and hinder your progression And let's be honest bringing up our poverty bench is hard enough already🙁😢😭 There are 3 common positions we see ❌Overextended This is the common culprit in causing wrist pain when benching You have 8 carpal bones as a part of the wrist joint And the compression of the weight coupled with overextension can quickly lead to pinching irritation😣💥 ❌Too Straight This position is less common to see and often happens when people try to overcorrect their wrists Here the line of drive is behind the bar and you have an increased chance of losing control and dropping it on your chest😲 ✅Slightly Extended Here you see the bar and forearm line up beautifully You are in a good position to avoid impingement and you get optimal force transfer to make all the gainz!💪 So start working on your wrist positioning and get that bench press moving on up! Tag a friend who needs to improve their bench and share the wealth! MyodetoxOrlando Myodetox Meme

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