'Drag Race All Stars 4' The Most Nerve- Racking Episode Yet Puts All the Queens At Risk MOST READ Grace and Frankie' Season 4 The Best 9 Moments Grace and Frankie' Season 5 RuPaul Nicole Richie And Dolly Parton? 5 Women on What It's Like to Be Raped by a Boyfriend The Champions' Anders Holm on Meeting His Wife Emma Nesper at Age 12 Reconciling My Love of Drake With His Problematic History With Underage Girls RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 returned this week with LaLaPaRUza and damn was it gag-worthyIn a classic Drag Race twist the eliminated contestants returned to face off against the current queens But the real twist? That nearly every current queen minus Manila and Monét were up for elimination *Cue jaw-drop*The entire episode was a lip-sync battle and hunty I was sooo here for it But knowing that some or all! of my faves could go home in a single episode? Oh hell no!Continue reading here Meme

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