Drunk Driving I went to a partymom I rembered what you said You told me not to drink So I drink soda instead I felt really proud insidemom The way you said I would I didn't drink and drivemom Even though the others said I would l know I did the right thingmom I know your always right Now the party's finally endingmom As everyone drove out of sight As I got into my carmom I knew I'd come home in one piece Because of the way you raised memom So responsible and sweet l started to drive awaymom But as I pulled onto the road The other car didn't see m And hit me like a load As I lay here on the pavementmom I hear the policemen say The other guy was drunkmom And now I'm the one who'll pay I'm lying here dying mom I wish you'd get here soon How come this happened to memom My life burst like a balloon There is blood all around me Most of it is mine I hear the paramedic saymom I'll be dead in a short time I just want to tell youmom I swear I didn't drink It was the othersmom The others didn't think If only they'd have taken the timemom I would still be alive My breath is getting shortermom I'm be coming very scared Please don't cry for me mom ecause when I need youYou were always there I have one questionmom Before I say good-bye I didn't drinkmom So why am I to die? This is the endmom I wish I could look you in the eye To say these final words I love you and good-bye This is called Drunk Driving This hit me in the feels httpstcoI3CHgsniib Meme

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