dsetooth 4 Luke Skywalker is flying his X-Wing starfighter on a desperate mission to destroy the Galactic Empire's dreaded Death Star The only way to do this is by hitting a small thermal exhaust port at the end of a long trench with his proton torpedoes Luke flies horizontally at a speed of 325 ms at a height of h 386 m above the trench floor The exhaust port is mounted on a horizontal platform s 214 m above the bottom of the trench When Luke launches the torpedoes they initially have a velocity of 145 ms straight forward with respect to Luke's fighter After they are launched the torpedoes are only affected by the Death Star's surface gravity field which has a strength of g = 100 ms and points downward toward the Death Star's surface a At what horizontal distance d from the port should Luke fire the torpedoes? i306 m b General Dodonna mentioned in the briefing that the exhaust port is only two meters wide How much time does Luke have to fire the torpedoes and still hit the port? 49 m 0004s VLF-326 VTo L= 145 - 326 VTot= Vro tVirr S$6 S 470ms BCAKE 2 6 2=VTOT t tror 9004s CAKE -3s6 ms=-ioot -100t -475M2787=130m -386 -7723 273 5 A certain kind of rotary lawn sprinkler consists of a metal pipe 800 cm in length that spins about its center in a horizontal plane just above the ground at a rate of 300 rpm revolutions per minute Water is pumped at high pressure through holes along the top of the pipe A side view is shown below The water spraying out of each hole initially has no horizontal velocity relative to the hole it of and comes A surprise to be sure but a welcome one Meme

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