DURING SEX IT'S PERFECTLY OKAY TO ASK TO STOP AT ANY TIME YOU CAN ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU WANT! LAUGHING CAN BE OKAY! SEX CAN BE FUNNY SOME TIMES! If you ain't seeing this on my Tumblr this comic has been reposted without my consent! PATREONcompeachfuzzcomics heytherepeaches tweet_fuzz basement-prussia 15cocopuffs peachfuzzcomics PeachFuzz #176 Sensual Reminders I’m all about this sexual positivity and creating a safe environment in the bedroom Support the stripmy transition earn rewards httpswwwpatreoncompeachfuzzcomics TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - TWITCH - DISCORD it would be a real buzz kill to stop your partner right in the middle of it tho if you cant handle it all the way at least help them to finish off as well you should be nice and care for their needs as well as yours right? c No If somebody wants to stop and you continue or pull shit like “what about my needs? I want to finish” then you are in fact 🌸A COMPLETE SACK OF SHIT YOUR WANTS DO NOT OUTWEIGH YOUR PARTNERS SAFETY OR COMFORT YOU FUCKING MORON 🌸👏🏼IT👏🏼 IS👏🏼 NOT👏🏼 SELFISH👏🏼 TO 👏🏼SAY 👏🏼NO👏🏼🌹IF YOUR PARTNER CARES MORE ABOUT GETTING OFF THAN YOUR SAFTEY OR COMFORT LEAVE THEM🌹💫STOPPING SEX IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BUZZKILL BECAUSE THERE’S A REASON WHY THEY WANT TO STOP AND THAT REASON NEEDS TO BE ADRESSED💫🌟A PERSON HAS EVERY RIGHT TO SAY NO YOU WASTE OF ATOMIC MATTER🌟THIS HAS BEEN A FUCKING PSA Meme

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