Dylan Reneau @DylanReneau Unpopular opinion cookie dough is worth taking the risk of getting salmonella @mememang @logancooper14 Dylan pull yourself together and go get a damn spoon It's cookie dough not a beefy 5 layer burrito have some class lorem64 I'm so confused why he would think cookie dough would give him salmonella??? What parent told him this There's no chicken in there! ankaa-avarshina Two words Raw eggs lorem64 2? What kind of world do you live in where Raw eggs carry salmonella or are in anyway unsafe ankaa-avarshina Don't ask me ask them Americans I'm an Asian just passing the word on phantoms-lair deep breath Though the risk is small raw eggs can carry samonella MORE THREATENINGLY Raw wheat can carry E Coli However if you don't mind making your own cookie dough you can easily make it safely Take your standard recipe Omit the eggs Eggs serve as a binding agent to hold the cookie together Since we're eating the dough raw that's not needed Take the flour put it in a pan and bake it at 350 for 7 minutes Any E Coli is now dead Just mix the rest of the ingredients together as the recipe is called for and BAM perfectly safe edible cookie dough ego-ann-16 Thank u so fucking much for this wisdom smallest-feeblest-boggart wait you're telling my i can get E Coli just FROM EATING FLOUR straight from the bag??? kingantlion Whywhy are you eating flour straight from the bag? 122830 notes Q+ ifunnyce Found on iFunny Meme

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