e 4G-1 20% O 1017 PM Today 910 PM I can think of a couple activities that we could do to see just how good of shape you are in Today 1001 PM Is one Mario Cart? Or something more sinister Like we'll go out for drinks and you'll slip something in my Surge soda then play it off like T've had one too many and put me in your car where you'll administer a heavy sedative that will keep me under for the 16 hour plane ride back to your hometown of Smolynsk Russia Where youll use the fact that I'm alone in a new city and mildly addicted to the drug cocktail you administered to force me into a life of wrestling prized Russian fighting bears for hours to entertain your oligarch friends and make a name for yourself amongst the wealthy and powerful? Because it's a really bad time in my life become a Prized Russian Be Fighting Slave to ar Sent GIF Type a message Cant win em all boys Meme

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