E a Garrett Watts @Garrett_Watts Something sad happened today that inspired a thought that l'd love to share with anyone who cares to read this I mean no shade to any one person with my words but I've seen remarkable generous people be needlessly lowkey bullied for this & l'd like to shed some light on it 7561 < iCloud June 2 2018 at 753 PM Something heartbreaking happened today that inspired a thought which inspired this post I broke my favorite wand No that is not an analogy for anything I broke my wand and it broke my heart This may immediately seem like this is about to verge into the territory of being a comical post which is a natural assumption when a grown man states that he had his heartbroken from breaking his wand but I very much mean what I am about to say because this seemingly silly piece of wood breaking because my slightly fat ass sat on it made me realize something that I would like to publicly address A behavior I have seen flaring up on social media recently and that is people passive aggressively judging others for the things that they purchase cherish & own Stick with me here cause I have a point 756 1 uil Cloud For years I have collected wands of all different kinds and for years I have been lightheartedly teased by friends and family for such an odd infatuation Yes it was my love of the Harry Potter novels that started this collection but it's turned into something more I have many wands from different carvers & countries and some of them are so damn beautiful that I legitimately cannot believe I get the honor of owning themm Some of them taking their makers weeks maybe months to create tH To me my wands are beautiful little manifestations of the importance of keeping ones imagination alive through the years I even keep a few close by to remind me of this This one was in my car because l sometimes pretend to blast cars into oblivion in LA Traffic If you ever see me doing this while blasting Missy Elliot through my speakers I apologize in advance If you've stuck with me this long firstly god bless you Secondly I'm about to get to where I'm going with all this 8051 ail iCloud Recently on social media I've seen a toxic little trend of people passive aggressively shading others based on the things they choose to purchase with their own money Some of the wands or other things I own didn't come cheap to me but we as people buy things consciously & with pride bec they are important to us and as long as they cause no harm to others we reserve that right to use our resources as we see fit ause So whether it be a wand a pair of Gucci slides a pair of jeans to boost confidence a car a vinyl record hell even a taxidermy collection! Whatever! Allow people these things & furthermore if you're at all confused or intrigued about said purchase don't silently judge them for making it or project your own narrative onto it In fact try politely asking them about it! If they choose to share with you why they've invested in something in their lives you might just learn something beautiful & cool about them and make a new friend! Love - Garrett garrettsiwickiGarrett Watts talking about judging others for their collectibles via his Twitter Meme

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