E Anonymous ID OK YPA36 2 hours ago No 495724370 r 22495724520 whyong 266 KB 480x480 google iadb Got another on Be 16 s Go to party with an older friend of mine > he is in college he was around 20 >asks me if I do any drugs say hell yeah lie > give me some x then we smoke weed > me him and 3 chicks go to a roonm > smoke some more weed > Im high as fuck > Get a raging hard-on > feel a hand go down my pants > thisfeelsgood jpeg > close my eyes and tilt my head back > high as hell so IDGAF > come all over my boxers > open my eyes and see every-one's shocked face > look down > it was my own hand > I just jerked it in front of like 4 people > mfw all the chicks run off screaming > my buddy is luaghin his ass off Meme

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