e de la Baie Acad 11 BYOD BACK TO SCHOOL CHECKLIST BYOD guidelines are no LOL matter Use a fully charged approved laptop or tablet with at least a 7 screen Make sure your laptoptablet meets BYCD specifications Device must be connected to school wifi at all times during the school day Fully charge your device before school Device with Windows software must have NDA-approved anti-virus software installed During the first week of school set up class folders in Google drive Have a way to print files at home or find time to print in the school library Printing to school printers must be done through a school-owned device in the library or designated area Create a music playlists at least 45 min in length and have a pair of working ear buds Avoid damage to your device by not placing it on the floor or in oversized bins Back up photos files and important data to an external drive or online storage service Tech free zones include common areas such as lunch passing periods between classes bathrooms chapel assemblies etc Updateinstall antivirus software Windows only Notre Dame NotreDame 71111 CE Our schools device guidelines Meme

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