E E 54% 1252 PM Instagram Photos Sat at 251 PM Like Reply ottie you are a 10 Sat at 811 PM Like 1 Reply My goodnes ou are just gorgeous Is Dan beating anybody up yet??? Or should I say Pam!!! Sat at 823 PM Like RAnl eautiful is spelled that's how its spelled Wha Woulanrao to take a pretty lady like you on a date You deserve some fun and a good time out 2 hours ago Like 1 Reply Here you go O Write a comment B30 e 4G 38% 756 PM Instagram Photos Please don't hate me for trying It's not called thirsty it's called looking for love You wouldn't know anything aboutthat Sex isnt my first thing on my agenda Working eating and sleeping all come before that and more So dont give me that 5 hours ago Edited Like I 1 Reply ecent edit Sex is the first thing on your agenda huh? Solid defense 5 hours ago Unlike I 7 Reply actually shared a few first with Megan and liked her a lot before she was even pretty so fuck off 5 hours ago Like I 1 Reply uper solid way to show love fo Tar Dude is this Write a comment 1245 PM Sprint LTE 36% Home After we broke up in the 7th grade I remember I saw you come into school and your whole appearance had changed Your braces were gone and you gain a little weight which made your body parts get bigger and you got hotter But the beautiful girl I got to know was always more than just her looks and as your looks changed so did your personality Even tho you transformed into this smoking hot babe l knew I could never try and win us back But I didn't believe myself and when I tried your newly bitchy personality kicked in and hurt me with one strike I know times may be tough and you like being that way but always saw this pretty girl with braces and short beach blonde hair who was a cheerleader and I never forget Type a message GIF 1245 PM Sprint LTE 36% Home cheerleader and I never forget what we had A first make out a first kiss You have always been beautiful even when people said you were ugly I wish the best for you because you are so beautiful you deserve what you Maybe a prank or two thrown in there just to make you a little mad only to be cheered back up I hope life gives you what you want from it And that your beautiful smile still brings warmth to people's hearts You are beautiful and always have been even to this day still look at you and think you are as beautiful as ever no matter what you are wearing and you always will be even when your face is old and saggy Thank you Jl m sorry that I became so bitchy Type a message GIF 1245 PM Sprint LTE 36% Home matter what you are wearing and you always will be even when your face is old and saggy Thank you lol m sorry that became so bitchy It's doesn't matter how bitchy you are or can be l have always liked that about you It makes you seem strong and independent And don't apologize for anything ever not even to me MAR 26 1028 PM Hey beautiful you have a very pretty smile I hope you shared that beautiful smile with people I hope someone made you smile and laugh You are pretty And so gorgeous I bet if I put you in a dress you would melt my heart Type a message GIF I don't understand guys like this Meme

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