e! HELP GLORIA🚨 PLEASE DONATE 🙏 For dogs the streets of Texas are paved with cruelty and despair Wherever you look you are sure to see a dog in need Gloria is one of those dogs As we have learned Gloria and a large group of other dogs were displaced when their caregiver passed away As the story goes he died in the street and his dogs did not leave his side Most of the dogs were scooped up off the street but Gloria evaded pickup Until now Our determined NYBC family learned of this poor girl and contacted other locals that knew Gloria's whereabouts A plea was sent to assist getting Gloria and teamwork resulted in a successful rescue! Gloria is safe with our amazing foster family but she is riddled with medical issues She is heartworm positive and since she is a senior that is critical because we do not know what kind of damage has been done to her heart and lungs She is also malnourished and has pressure sores Her skin is covered with mange with more sores and intestinal parasites She is dehydrated so much so that she was slightly impacted with feces But her temperament is gentle and sweet and she is grateful for the kindness that has been shown to her by the small rescue community that faces heartache each day Please support Gloria's heartworm treatment and medical care as NYBC committed to her well-being Please donate to Gloria at wwwnybullycreworg Or Venmo @newyorkbullycrew ***Transport of Gloria was secure and only means available to get her to safety She is now safe because of the brave advocates that found and rescued her *** #glorianybc #nybctexasm #nybcsouth #savedogs #nybcseniors @nybc_south Meme

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