e-mal1 from God For Teens claire cloninger & curt cloninger You've got e-mail Quicki check your in-box! It's overflowing with mail from God! As you read this book each power packed note wi11 excite energize and encourage you to believe that God is real and He thinks you are incredibly special Packed with guidance and assur- ancei every e-mai1 wi l1 help you face the real issues of life You'll feel loved and appreciated mportant and unique significant and understood Even when life isn't perfect God stil1 loves you and wants to help Find out how auch yants to help Find out Get online with God today! Even when your system crashes a e-mail from God wi l1 boot you right back up! David e Cook US $1499 ISUN 978-1-60919-810-4 5 1 499 JUVENILE NONFICTION Heligion bevotional & Prayer TNGN 978158998104 Printed in USÁ <p><a href=httpsnovelty-gift-ideastumblrcompost174270727033e-mail-from-god-for-teens class=tumblr_blog>novelty-gift-ideas<a><p><blockquote><p><b><a href=httpsawesomagecome-mail-from-god-for-teens>E-Mail From God for Teens<a><b><p><blockquote> Meme

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