eally mean to tme hurt you KNOW YOU DIDNT MEAN TO BUT YOU DIDRegardess Of your you acted really auful and really hurt me Can you Just acknauledge tetoand apologze? BUT DIDNT MEAN TO quinintheclouds psychomentats tag-ur-traumatized snowdoesshit miss-gallifrey heliotrooper AND HERE WE HAVE MY BIGGEST FUCKING PET PEEVE Alternatively “well now I feel bad because you said that” screams for years abusive parent voice its always in your best interest Also alternatively and perhaps worse “I’m sorry you feel that way about it” Which is not sorry that they did it It’s putting the blame on you that you reacted to what they did in a negative way Let’s not forget “I’m sorry you’re so sensitive” or “you’re making me sound like a monster” Meme

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