earlhamclassics Homer the DM Your beautiful Patroclus is dead What do you do? Achilles' player I fight everyone Homer the DM You can't fight Achilles' player rolls a 20* I fight everyone Homer the DM sighs* Fine You cut a path through the Trojan army enemy dead strewn in your wake Achilles' player How many? Homer the DM lots Enough to clog the friggin' river with bodies Achilles' player I fight the river Homer the DM You can not fight the river Achilles' player reaches for dice* How would you even helloitsbees Homer the DM O you won in the end Time to go home let's roll to see who gets there firs- kay guys so the war's over you had a bunch of losses but Odysseus's player I got a critical failure systlin Homer the DM Ok seriously guys they're not going to fall for the giant horse Odysseus' player just rolled a nat 20 on my deception check Homer the DM What the fuck Source thoodleoo 9914 notes Ancient Greek DD Meme

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