earthstory Meet the yeti crab a creature so unusual that a whole new biological family had to be created to classify itIt was found along the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge 1500 kilometres south of Easter Island at a depth of 2200 metres living on hydrothermal vents As a result of analysis based on morphology and molecular data the organism was deemed to form a new biological family Kiwaidae But a lot else remains an enigma and much more is to be discovered We do know that yeti crabs lack pigmentation in the eye and are hence thought to be blind Also of interest their fluffy pincers have been discovered to contain filamentous bacteria which may be involved in a chemosynthetic relationship with the organism It is suggested that these bacteria may detoxify some of the poisonous minerals emanating from the hydrothermal vents-JeanPhotograph by Ifremer A Fifis Meme

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