econding to a knn aws of gaton thore is no way that a bee shoud be ate to fy Its wings are too small to getits fat lite body off the ground The bee of course fies anyway Because bees don't care what humans BARRY 'INT BENSON HOUSE DAY ANGE ON yloek yow tack yelew co ack and ylow ANGLE ON Bary weating the sweater he picked looking in the mmot BARRY CONT D Yeah lef's shake it up a litfe He p cks the bi ack and yellow one He then goes to the sink CONTANER OF HONEY and puts some boney into hs hat He squrs some in hS mouth and gar es Then he taikes the lid off the bote and rolls some on like decadorant CUT TO INT BENSON HOUSE KIT CHEN- CONTINUOUS Barry's mother JA BENSON y's up at Barry JANET BENSON Barry breakfast is ready CUT TO Bee Move- JS REVSIONS &1307 1 INT BARRY'S ROOM-CONTINUOUS BARRY Coming SFX Phone RINGING Barry's antennae w brate as they RINGlike a phone Barry's hands ars wet He looks around for a lowel BARRY CONTD Hang on a second He wipes his hands on his sweater and pulls his antennae down to his ear and mouth BARRY CONTD Hello? His best friend ADAM FLAYMAN is on the other end ADAM Bary? BARRY Adam? ADAM Can you believe this is happening? BARRY Cant believe it pick you up Bary sticks his stinger in a sharpener SFX BUZZING AS HIS STINGER IS SHARPENED He tests the sharpness with his finger SFX Bing BARRY CONT D Looking sharp ANGLE ON Bary hovering dow the hall siding down the staircase bannister Barry's mother JANET BENSON is in the kitchen JANET BENSON Barry why don't you use the stairs? Your father paid good money for those Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 61307 2 BARRY Sory Im excited Bary's father MARTIN BENSON ENTERS He's reading a NEWSPAPER with the HEADLINE Queen gives birth to thousandtuplets Resting Comfortably MARTIN BENSON Here's the graduate We're very proud of you Son And a perfect report cand all Bs JANET BENSON mushing Bary's heir Very proud BARRY Mal ve got a thing going here Bary re-adjusts his hair starts to leave JANET BENSON You've got some int on your fuzz She picks it off BARRY Ow thaf's el MARTIN BENSON Wave to us We'll be in row 118000 Barry zips off BARRY Byel JANET BENSON Bary I told you stop flying in the house! CUT TO SEQ 750-DRIVING TO GRADUATION EXT BEE SUBURB-MORNING A GARAGE DOOR OPENS Bary drives out in his CAR Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 3 ANGLE ON Bary's friend ADAM FLAYMAN standing by the curb He's reading a NEWSPAPER with the HEADLINE Frisbee Hits Hive Intermet Down Bee-stander 1 heard a sound and next thingknew am-of Bary drives up stops in front of Adam Adam jumps in BARRY Hey Adam ADAM Hey Barrypointing at Barry's hair Is that fuzz gel? BARRY A itle t's a special day Finally graduating ADAM I never thought l'd make it BARRY Year thee days of grade school three days of high school ADAM Those were so awward BARRY Three days of college Pm giad i took off one day in the middle and just hitchhiked around the hive ADAM You did come back different They drive by a bee who's ggng ARTIE H BayBARRY to a bee pedestrian Hey Artie growng a mustache? Locks good Barry and Adam drive from the suburbs into the oty ADAM Hey did you hear about Frankie? Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 4 8ARRY Yeah ADAM You going to his funeral? BARRY No m not going to his funeral Everybody knows you sting someone you die you dont waste it on a squimrel He was such a hot head ADAM Yeah I guess he could ve just gotten out of the way The DRIVE through a loop de loop BARRY AND ADAM Whoe Whooo wheee ADAM I love this incorporating the amusement park right into our regular day BARRY1 guess that's why they say we dont need vacations CUT TO SEQ 95-GRADUATION EXT GRADUATION CEREMONY CONTINUOUS Barry and Adam come to a stop They erit the car and fy over the crowd to their seats BARRY re graduation ceremony Boy quite a bit of pompunder the circumstances They land in their seals BARRY CONT D Wel Adam today we are men Bea Movie JS REVISIONS 91307 5 ADAM We are BARRY Bee-men ADAM Amenl BARRY Halielujah Bary hits Adam s forehead Adam goes into the rapture An announcement comes over the PA ANNOUNCER VO Students faculty distnguished bees please welcome Dear Buzzwell ANGLE ON DEAN BUZZWELL steps up to the podium The podium has a sign that reads Welcome Graduating Class of with train-station style fipping numbers after t BUZZWELL Welcome New Hive City graduating dass of The numbers on the podium change to 9 15 BUZZWELL CONTD 915 he clears his throat And that concludes our graduattion ceremonies And begins your career at Honex Industres BARRY Are we going to pick our job today? ADAM heard it's just orientation The rows of chairs change in transformer-ike mechanical motion to Universal Studios type tour trams Buzzwell walks off stage BARRY re trams Whca heads up Here we go Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 6 SEQ 125 Sneakers on the ground Camere PANS UP to reveal BARRY BENSON'S BEDROOM ANGLE ON Bay's hand tpping through d fferent sweatersin is doset BARRY Yellow back FACTORY FEMALE VOICE VO Keep your hands and antennas inside the tram at all times in Spanish Dejen las manos y antennas adentro del tram a todos tiempos BARRY I wonder what it's going to be like? ADAM A ittie scary Bary shakes Adam BARRY AND ADAM AAHHHH The tram passes under SIGNS READING Honex A Division of Honesco A Part of the Hexagon Group TRUDY Welcome to Honex a division of Honesco and a part of the Hexagon group BARRY This is i The Honex doors OPEN revealing the factory BARRY CONTD Wow TRUDY We know that you as a bee have worked your whole ide to get to the point whene you can work for your whole life Honey begins when our valiant pollen jocks bring the nectar to the hive where our top secret formula is automatically coior-corrected scent adjusted and bubbie contoured into this Trudy GRABS a TEST TUBE OF HONEY from a technician Bee Movie JS REMSIONS 81307 7 TRUDY CONT D soothing sweet syrup with its dislinctive golden glow you all know as EVERYONE ON THE TRAM in unison H-on-ey Trudy fips the task into the crowd and laughs as they all scrambie for it ANGLE ON A GIRL BEE catching the honey ADAM sotto That girl was hot BARRY sotto She s my cousin ADAM She is? BARRY Yes we're all cousins ADAM Right Youre right TRUDY At Honex we also constanty strive to improve every aspect of bee existence These bees are stress testing a new heimet technology ANGLE ON A STUNT BEE in a HELMET getting hit with a NEWSPAPER then a SHOE then a FLYSWATTER He gets up and gives a thumb's up The graduate bees APPLAUD ADAM re stunt bee What do you think he makes? BARRY Not enough TRUDY And here we have our latest advancement the Kreiman Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 8 BARRY Wow what does that do? TRUDY Calches that litle strand of honey that hangs after you pour it Saves us millions ANGLE ON The Krelman machine Bees with hand-shaped hats on rotating arOund a wheel to catch drips of honey Adam's hand shoots up ADAM Can anyone work on the Kreiman? TRUDY Of course Most bee jobs are small ones But bees know that every smal job if it's done well means a lot There are over 3000 different bee occupations But choose carefully because you'll stay in the job that you pick for the rest of your lite The bees CHEER ANGLE ON Bary's smile dropping sighty BARRY The same job for the rest of your life? I didn't know that ADAM What's the difference? TRUDY And you be happy to know that bees as a species haven't had one day off in 27 milion years BARRY So you'll just work us to death? TRUDY aughing We sure try Everyone LAUGHS except Barry Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 9 The tram drops down a log-flume type steep drop Cameras flash as all the bees throw up their hands The frame freezes into a snapshot Bary looks concerned The tram continues through 2 doors FORM DISSOLVE TO SEQ 175-WALKING THE HIVE INT HONEX LOBBY ANGLE ON The log-flume photo as Barry looks at it ADAM Wow That biew my mind BARRY annoyed What s the difference? Adam how could you say that? One job forever? That's an insane choice to have to make ADAM Well I'm relieved Now we only have to make one decision in fife BARRY But Adam now could they never have told us that? ADAM Barry why would you question anything? We're bees We re the most perfectly functioning society on Earth They walk by a newspaper stand with A SANDWICH BOARD READING Bee Goes Berserk Stings Seven Then Self ANGLE ON A BEE filling his car's gas tank fram a honey pump He fils his car some then takes a swig for himself NEWSPAPER BEE to the bee guzzling gas Hey! Bary and Adam begin to cross the street Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 10 BARRY Yeah but Adam did you ever think that maybe things work a little too well around here? They stop in the middle of the street The traffic moves perfectly around them ADAM Like what? Give me one example BARRY thinks dont know But you know what I' m talking about They walk off SEO 400-MEET THE JOCKS SEX The SOUND of Polen Jocks PAN DOWN from the Honex statue J-GATE ANNOUNCER Please clear the gate Royal Nectar Force on approach Royal Nectar Force on approach BARRY Wait a second Check it out Hey hey those are Poien jocks ADAM Wow FOUR PATROL BEES FLY in through the hive's giant Gothic entrance The Patrol Bees are wearing fighter pilot heimets with black visors ADAM CONTD I've never seen them this close BARRY They know what it's like to go outside the hive ADAM Yeah but some of them don't come back Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 11 The nectar from the pollen jocks is removed from their backpacks and loaded into trucks on their way to Honex A SMALL CROWD forms around the Patrol Bees Each one has a PIT CREW that takes their nectar Lou Loduca humries a pit crew along LOU LODUCA You guys did great! You're monsters You're sky freakst 1 love itt t love itt SCHOOL GIRLS are jumping up and down and squealing nearby BARRY wonder where those guys have just been? ADAM I don't know BARRY Their day's not planned Outside the hive flying who-knows-where doing who-knows-what ADAM You can't just decide one day to be a Pollen Jock You have to be bred for that BARRY Right Pollen Jocks oross in close proximity to Barry and Adam Some pollen falls off onto Barry and Adam BARRY CONT D Look at that That's more pollen than you and I will ever see in a fetime ADAM playing wth the pollen It's just a status symbol t think bees make too big a deal out of it BARRY Perhaps unless you're wearing it and the ladies see you wearing it ANGLE ON Two girl bees Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 12 ADAM Those ladies? Aren't they our cousins too? BARRY Distant distant ANGLE ON TWO POLLEN JOCKS JACKSON Look at these two SPLITZ Couple of Hive Harrys JACKSON Let's have some fun with them The pollen jocks approach 8ary and Adam continue to talk to the girts GIRL 1 It must be so dangerous being a pollen jock BARRY Oh yeah one time a bear had me pinned up against a mushroom He had one paw on my throat and with the other he was slapping me back and forth across the face GIRL 1 Oh my BARRY never thought I'd knock him out GIRL 2 to Adam And what were you doing during all of this? ADAM Obviously I was trying to alert the authorities The girt swipes some polien off of Adam with a finger BARRY re pollen I can autograph thatif you want Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 13 JACKSON Little gusty out there today wasn't it comrades? BARRY Yeah Gusty BUZZ You know we're going to hit a suntower patch about six miles from here tomorrow BARRY Six miles huh? ADAM whispering Barry BUZZ It's a puddle-jump for us But maybe you're not up for it BARRY Maybe l am ADAM whispering louder You are not! BUZZ We're going oh-nine hundred at JGale ADAM re -gate Whoa BUZZ leaning in on top of Bary What do you think Buzzy Boy? Are you bee enough? BARRY might be It all depends on what oh-nine hundred means CUT TO SEQ 450-THE BALCONY Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 14 INT BENSON HOUSE BALCONY-LATER Barry is standing on the balcony alone looking out over the city Martin Benson ENTERS sneaks up behind Bary and gooses him in his ribs MARTIN BENSON Honexl BARRY Oh Dad You surprised me MARTIN BENSON laughing Have you decided what you're interested in San? BARRY Well there's a lot of choices MARTIN BENSON But you only get one Martin LAUGHS BARRY Dad do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? MARTIN BENSON Son let me tell you something about stirring making the stirring motion You grab that stick and you just move it around and yoU stir it around You get yourself into a rhythm it's a beautiful thing BARRY YOu know dad the morei think about it maybe the honey field just isn't right for me MARTIN BENSON And you were thinking of what making balloon animals? That's a bad job for a guy with a stinger Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 15 BARRY Well no MARTIN BENSON Janet your son's not sure he wants to go into honey JANET BENSON Oh Bary you are so funny sometimes BARRY Im not trying to be funny MARTIN BENSON You're not funny you're going into honey Our son the stirrer JANET BENSON You're going to be a stirrer?! BARRY No one's listening to me MARTIN BENSON Wait until you see the sticks I have for you BARRY I can say anything I want right now I'm going to get an ant tattoo JANET BENSON Let's open some fresh honey and celebrate BARRY Maybe I'll pierce my thorax! MARTIN BENSON toasting To honey! BARRY Shave my antennae! JANET BENSON To honey! Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 16 BARRY Shack up with a grasshopper get a gold tooth and start calling everybody Dawg CUT TO SEQ 760-JOB PLACEMENT EXT HONEX LOBBY - CONTINUOUS ANGLE ON A BEE BUS STOP One group of bees stands on the pavement as another group hovers above them A doubledecker bus pulls up The hovering bees get on the top level and the standing bees get on the bottom Barry and Adam pull up outside of Honex ADAM I can't believe we're starting work today BARRY Today's the day Adan jumps out of the car ADAM OC Come on All the good jobs will be gone BARRY Yeah right ANGLE ON A BOARD READING JOB PLACEMENT BOARD Buzzwell the Bee Processor is at the counter Another BEE APPLICANT SANDY SHRIMPKIN is EXITING SANDY SHRIMPKIN Is it still available? BUZZWELL Hang on he looks at changing numbers on the board Two left Andone of them's yours Congratulations Son step to the side please Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 17 SANDY SHRIMPKIN Yeah! ADAM to Sandy leaving What did you get? SANDY SHRIMPKIN Picking the crud out That is stellar! ADAM Wow BUZZWELL to Adam and Barry Couple of newbies? ADAM Yes Sir Our first day We are ready BUZZWELL Well step up and make your choice ANGLE ON A CHART listing the different sectors of Honex Heating Cooling Viscosity Kreiman Pollen Counting Stunt Bee Pouring Stirrer Humming Regurgitating Front Desk Hair Removal Inspector No 7 Chef Lint Coordinator Stripe Supervisor Antennae-ball polisher Mite Wrangler Swatting Counselor Wax Monkey Wing Brusher Hive Keeper Restroom Attendant ADAM to Barry You want to go first? BARRY No you go ADAM Oh my What's available? BUZZWELL Restroom attendant is always open and not for the reason you think ADAM Any chance of getting on to the Krelman Sir? BUZZWELL Sure you're on Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 18 He plops the KRELMAN HAT onto Adam's head ANGLE ON The job board THE COLUMNS READ OCCUPATION POSITIONS AVAILABLE and STATUS The middle column has numbers and the right column has job openings flipping between open pending and closed BUZZWELL CONTD Oh I'm sorry The Krelman just closed out ADAM Oh! He takes the hat off Adam BUZZWELL Wax Monkey's always open The Kreiman goes from Closed to Open BUZZWELL CONT D And the Krelman just opened up again ADAM What happened? BUZZWELL Well whenever a bee dies that's an opening pointing at the board See that? He's dead dead another dead one deady deadified two more dead Dead from the neck up dead from the neck down But that's life ANGLE ON Bary's disturbed expression ADAM feeling pressure to decide Oh this is so hard Heating cooling stunt bee pourer stirrer humming inspector no 7 lint coordinator stripe supervisor antenna-ball polisher mite wrangler- Bary Barry what do you think I should- Barry? Barry? Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 19 Barry is gone CUT TO SEQ 775- LOU LODUCA SPEECH EXT J-GATE-SAME TIME Splitz Jackson Buzz Lou and two other BEES are going through final pre-fight checks Bary ENTERS LOU LODUCA Alright we've got the sunflower patch in quadrant nine Geranium window box on Sutton Place Barry's antennae rings like a phone ADAM VO What happened to you? Where are you? Bary whispers throughout BARRY I'm going out ADAM VO Out? Out where? BARRY Out there ADAM V0 putting it together Oh no BARRY I have to before I go to work for the rest of my life ADAM VO You're going to diel You're crazy! Hello? BARRY Oh another call coming in Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 20 ADAM VO You're cra- Barry HANGS UP ANGLE ON Lou Loduca LOU LODUCA If anyone's feeling brave there's a Korean Deli on 83rd that gets their roses today BARRY timidly Hey guys BUZZ Well look at that SPLITZ Isn't that the kid we saw yesterday? LOU LODUCA to Barry Hold it son fight deck's restricted JACKSON It's okay Lou we're going to take him up Splitz and Jackson CHUCKLE LOU LODUCA Really? Feeling lucky are ya? A YOUNGER SMALLER BEE THAN BARRY CHET runs up with a release waiver for Barry to sign CHET Sign here He Just initial that Thank you LOU LODUCA Okay you got a rain advisory today and as you all know bees cannot fly in rain So be careful As always reading off clipboard watch your brooms hockey sticks dogs birds bears and bats Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 21 Also I got a couple reports of root beer being poured on us Murphy's in a home because of it just babbling like a cicada BARRY That's awful LOU LODUCA And a reminder for all you rookies bee law number one absolutely no talkin humans Alright launch positions! The Jocks get into formation chanting as they move LOU LODUCA CONTD Black and Yellow! JOCKS Hellot SPLITZ to Barry Are you ready for this hot shot? BARRY Yeah Yeah bring it on Barry NODS terified BUZ - CHECK! JOCK #1 Antennae! CHECK! JOCK #2 Nectar pack! CHECK! JACKSON Wings! - CHECK! SPLITZ Stinger! CHECK! BARRY Scared out of my shorts CHECK LOU LODUCA Okay ladies let's move it out Everyone FLIPS their goggles dowr crew bees CRANK their wings and remove the starting blocks We hear loud HUMMING Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 22 LOU LODUCA CONTD LOU LODUCA CONT D Pound thase petunia's you striped stem-suckers! All of you drain those A FLIGHT DECK GUY in deep crouch hand-signals them out the archway as the backwash from the bee wings FLUTTERS his jump suit Barry follows everyone SEQ 800- FLYING WITH THE JOCKS The bees dimb above tree tops in formation Barry euphoric BARRY Whoa! I'm out! I can't believe I'm out! So blue Ha ha ha! a beat I feel so fastand free re kites in the sky Box kite! Wow! They fly by several bicyclists and approach a patch of flowers BARRY CONTD Flowers! SPLITZ This is blu We have roses visual Bring it around thirty degrees and hold BARRY sotto Roses JACKSON Thirty degrees roger bringing it around Many pollen jocks break off from the main group They use their equipment to collect nectar from flowers Barry flie watch the jocks collect the nectar JOCK Stand to the side kid it's got a bit of a kick The jock fires the gun and recoils Barry watches the gun fill up with nectar Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 23 BARRY Oh that is one Nectar Collector JOCK pollination up dose? BARRY No Sir He takes off and the excess pollen dust falls causing the flowers to come back to life JOCK as he pollinates I pick some pollen up over here sprinkle it over here maybe a dash over there pinch on that onese little bit of magic ain't it? The FLOWERS PERK UP as he pollinates BARRY Wow That's amazing Why do we do that? JOCKthat's pollen power Kid More pollen more flowers more nectar more honey for us BARRY Cool The Jock WINKS at rejoins the other jocks in the sky They swoop in over a pond kissing the surface We see their image reflected in the water they're really moving They fly over a fountain BUZZ I'm picking up a lot of bright yellow could be daisies Don't we need th Copy that visual We see what appear to be yellow ffowers on a green field Bee Movie - JS REVISIONS 81307 24 They go into a deep bank and dive BUZZ Hold on one of these flowers seems to be on the move SPLITZ Say againAre you flower? BUZZ Affirmative SEQ 900-TENNIS GAME The pollen jocks land It is a tennis court with dozens of tennis balls A COUPLE VANESSA and KEN plays tennis The bees land right in the midst of a group of balls KEN 0C That was other bees start walking around amongst the immense yellow globes SPLITZ This is the coolest What is it? They stop at a BALL on a white line and look up at it JACKSON I don't know but I'm loving this color SPLITZ smelling tennis ball Sc flower But 1 like it JACKSON Yeah fuzzy BUZZ Chemical-y JACKSON Careful guys it's a little grabby Barry LANDS on a ball and COLLAPSES Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 81307 25 BARRY Oh my sweet lord of bees JACKSON Hey there! Barry attempts to pulls his legs off but they stick BARRY Problem! A tennis shoe and a hand ENTER FRAME The hand picks up the ball with Barry underneath it BARRY CONTD Guys! BUZZ This could be bad JACKSON Affirmati to the service line BOUNCES the ball Each time it BOUNCES the other bees cringe and GASP ANGLE ON Barry terrified Pure dumb luck he's not getting squished BARRY with each bounce Very closeGonna HurtMamma's little b out of position rookie ANGLE ON Vanessa serving We see Barry and the ball up against the racket as she brings it back She tosses the ball into the air Barry's eyes widen The ball is STRUCK and the rally is on KEN Coming in at you the ball back Barry feels the g-forces ANGLE ON The Pollen Jocks watching Barry pass by them in SLOW MOTION Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 26 BARRY in slow motion Help me! JACKSON You know I don't think these we tell him? JACKSON I think he knows BARRY 0S What is this?! Vanessa HITS a high arcing lob Ken waits poised for the retun We see Barry having trouble maneuvering the ball from fatigue KEN overly confident Match point! He has a killer look in his eyes He's going to hit the ultimate overhead smash KEN CONTD You can just start packing up Honey because I believe you're about to eat it! ANGLE ON Pollen Jocks JACKSON Ahem! Ken is distracted He misses badly The ball rockets into oblivion Barry is still hanging on ANGLE ON Ken berating himself KEN CONTD Oh you cannot be serious We hear the ball WHISTLING and Barry SCREAMING Bee Movie JS REVISIC Yowser!! SEQ 1000- SUV The ball flies through the air and lands in the middle of the street It bounces into the street again and sticks in the grille of an SUV INT CAR ENGINE -CONTINUOUS BARRY'S POV the grille of the S through a black tunnel whirling vanes and pistons BARRY AHHHHHHHHHHHII OHHHH!! EECHHH!! AHHHHHH!! Barry gets chilled by the AC system and sees a frozen grasshopper BARRY CONT D re grasshopper Eww CONTINUOUS The car is packed with a typical suburban family MOTHER FATHER eight-year old BOY LITTLE GIRL in a car seat and a GRANDMOTHER A big slobbery DOG is behind a grate Bary pops into the passenger magazine MOTHER There's a bee in the car! They all notice the bee and start SCREAMING BARRY Aaahhhh! Bary tunbles around the car We see the faces from his POV MOTHER Do something! Bee Movie - JS REVISIC Barry fies by the little girl in her CAR SEAT She waves hello LITTLE GIRL Hi bee SON He's back here! He's going to sting me! The car SWERVES around the road Barry flies into the back where the slobbery dog SNAPS at gross fying SPITTLE MOTHER Nobody move If you don't move he won't sting you Freeze! Everyone in the car freezes Barry freezes They stare at each other eyes going back and forth waiting to see who will make the bfinked! Granny pulls out a can of HAIR SPRAY SON Spray him Granny! Granny sprays the hair spray everywhere FATHER What are you doing? GRANNY It's hair spray! Extra hold! MOTHER Kill itl Barry gets sprayed bac the sunroof CUT TO Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 813O7 29 EXT CITY STREET CONTINUOUS BARRY Wow The tension level out here is unbelievable I've got to get home As Bamry flies down the street it starts to BARRY CONTD Whoa Whoa! Can't fly in rain! Can't fy in rain! Can't fly in-A couple of drops hit him his wings go limp and he starts falling BARRY CONT'D Mayday! Mayday! Bee going down! Bary sees a window le Shivering and exhausted he crawls into an open window as it CLOSES SEQ 1100- VANESSA SAVES BARRY INT VANESSA'S APARTMENT CONTINUOUS Inside the window Barry SHAKES off the rain like a doc apartment VANESSA Ken can you close the window please? KEN Huh? Oh to Andy Hey check out my new resume I made it into a fold-out brochure You see? It folds out Ken holds up his brochure with photos of ON 8arry hiding behind the curtains as Ken CLOSES THE WINDOW Bee Movie- JS REVISIONS 81307 30 BARRY Oh no more humans I don't need this Barry HOVERS up into the air and THROWS himselfin What was that? He does it again and then multiple more times BARRY CONTO Maybe this timethis time this time this time this time this time this time this time Barry JUMPS onto the drapes BARRY CON is diabolical KEN t's fantastic t's got all my special skills even my top ten favorite movies ANDY What's your number one? Star Wars? KEN Ah I don't go for that makes Star Wars noises kind of stuff ANGLE to tak to them They're out of their minds KEN When I walk out of a job interview they're flabbergasted They can't believe the things I say Barry looks around and sees the LIGHT BULB FIXTURE in the middie o 31 BARRY ne light buib Oh fhere's the sun Maybe that's a way out Barry takes off and heads straight for the light bulb His PO The seventy-five wat label grows as he gets closer BARRY CONTD don bary HITS the bulb and is KNOCKED SILLY He falls into a BOWL OF GUACAMOLE Andy dips his chip in the guacamole taking Barry with it ANGLE ON Ken and Andy KEN 'l tell you what You know wha rstthought t was just me Barry's POV Giant human mouth opening KEN CONTD Waitt Stopt Beeeeese! ANNA Kill il Kill it They all JUMP up from their chairs Andy looks around for someth oof on each hand KEN Stand back These are winter boots Vanessa ENTERS and stops Ken from squashing Barry VANESSA grabs Ken's arm Wait Don't kill him CLOSE UP on B JS REVISIONS 81307 32 VANESSA Why does his ife tave any less value than yours? She takes a GLASS TUMBLER and places It over Barry KEN Why does his life e You don know what he's capable of feeling Barry looks up through the glass and watches this conversation astounded Vanessa RIPS Ken's resume in half ty to the window She apens it and sets him free VANESSA There you go litte guy KEN 0CIm not scared of them But you know it's an allergie pould puff up ANDY 0C Make it one of your Special Skits KEN O C You know knocking someone out is also a special skill CUT T o just happened It is stil RAINING DISSOLVE TO SEQ 1200-BARRY SPEAKS EXT WINDOWSILL-LATER Bary You know whatever KEN You can put carob chips on there VANESSA Good night KEN as he exits Suppose to say something Ainght here it goes Barry fies in Bee Movie JS REVISIONS 8307 34 1N I printed the entire bee movie script on the school printer and I just left it there for people to find Meme

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