EDC MEDIA REALITY NARRATIVE The executive order signed by President Trump is a Muslim travel ban Of the 10 countries in the world with the most muslims only one is included in this order 90% of the world's Muslims are not covered by it Read The Court Order Halting Parts Of Trump' Anti-Muslim Ban Huffington Post The fallout from Trump's Muslim ban MOST POPULOUS MUSLIM NATIONS Muslim Population in millions 25530 21868 18364 15491 13574 12152 8047 7595 7574 4460 Included in Travel Ban? Country Donald Trump's Muslim Ban Is Cowardly and Dangerous The New York Times 1 India 2 Indonesia 3 Pakistan 4 Bangladesh 5 China 6 Nigeria 7 Egypt 8 Turkey 9 Iran 10 Ethiopia 10 Concrete Ways To Take Action Against The Muslim Ban Huffington Post Universities denounce Trump's Muslim ban Mic Protests at JFK and airports around the country following Muslim travel ban Now York Daily News How Silicon Valley and Hollywood olan to fiaht Trump's Muslim travel ban The Christian Sclence Monitor Judge Blocks Trump's Ban on Refugees and Muslim Nationals New York Magazine Muslim Travel Ban Trump Bows to Judges' Orders o New York Observer Trump Muslim country travel ban judge temporarily halts deportations The rish Times Protest of Trump Muslim travel ban builds near Statue of Liberty Toronto Sta YES Anger and anxiety at Muslim travel ban as relatives and protesters gather The Telegraph WR After the libs got crushed in Court today we keep hearing this muslim ban garbage It's not Meme

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