eden kin @uravily Today at 1202 AM half hot half cold fuyumi au? rabieszawa Today at 1203 AM YES but wait if she was would natsu and shouto exist eden kin @uravily Today at 1204 AM like imagine shes had a fire quirk this whole time but her mom taught her immediately to suppress it as best she could to the point that she nearly forgot she even had it shes never used it her entire life and sometimes part of her thinks those little memories of wisps of flame and her mother showing her how to coat both her hands in ice are just dreams then one day endeavor goes too far does something that crosses a line and it all just bursts out of her nix @toshinkos Today at 1204 AM oh? tell us More eden kin @uravily Today at 1205 AM im coming up with this as i write but it like i could even see her convincing herself that her ability to easily melt her ice and things like that are just a very minor manifestation of the fire that doesn't do much but its just the remnants of her quirk that she doesnt use its probably not as powerful as her ice not as 5050 as shouto's esp because she hasnt trained with it beyond shoving it away but those are sure as fuck real flames imagine shouto teaching her how to use both in conjunction nix @toshinkos YES Today at 1206 AM olivier armstrong can REDACTED Today at 1206 AM TeLL ME MORE TELL ME MORE eden kin @uravily Today at 1207 AM itd be such a particular struggle for her too bc shouto has always had fire and while he considers it his fathers power rather than his own for most of his life it's still a major part of who he is fuyumi meanwhile has always thought of herself as ice and snovw and then suddenly she caught the fucking curtains on fire again i bet after it first comes up too shes suddenly got the control of a toddler over it bc she kept such a tight lid on it that once its off she lost all of that control since she has no idea how to do it in halves basically this is jsut me like shes got red in her hair incher sting rei would likely try and get shouto to hide his too since fuyumi managed but since his is a perfect 5050 split rather than fuyumi's 6040 he didnt have the scales tipped enough to suppress it todorokifuyumi let me tell you about my new au Meme

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