EDM @EdMaharajh 1d This Kavanaugh-Ford thing has convinced me of one thing on election day for the first time ever l'm voting all red I'm sick of the left 1291 tl 9971 335K Joe @jvin60 Replying to @EdMaharajh I just told my wife that I used to go through the ballot From here on out I vote straight ticket republican Crazy thing l'm a former democrat Democrat party today is filled with power hungry leftist Not my party 742 PM 27 Sep 18 113 Retweets 515 Likes Sarah Royal @sarahroyal81 10h Replying to @jvin60 and @EdMaharajh Same I used to refuse to claim a party - voted for the best candidate The Democrats have absolutely ruined me with their extremism and socialist agenda the past few cycles Their behavior is reprehensible Riding the #redwave in November O 187 rightsmarts B A C K F I R E Imagine doing all this work to stall the SCOTUS nomination in hopes of shifting the majority to the left and watching it backfire tremendously after the midterm elections We’ll have to wait to see but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the red majority becomes bigger than ever Just imagine the screaming when either Kavanaugh or someone even worse it gets nominated The gnashing of teeth when RBG inevitably retires or dies and Trump gets yet another SCOTUS pick Hoo lawsy Meme

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