Edward-Elric32's Make a random Sparkle Doq MeMe! the second installment of the Possibly Cool but Possibly Ugly Series! Follow directions first put in the correct colors WITHOUT looking at where they are going to go on the template Put the very first color that comes to your head here Ask someone anyone what 1color they think best describes your personality put it here Put your best friend's 2 Put any nutural color here greys browns etc any shade hair color here Put the main color of your shirt here Put a lighter nutural here Put the color that you think describes your personality here Put a darker nutural here 10 Put the color of whatever your Put what hair color you wish you had here computer is sitting on now The color of the closest object to your right hand other than your computer and mouse When you read the word shocking! what color do you think first put it here 6 12 But while you're here say or draw something funny in this box Filler box!!! HEY NO CHEATING! Use 2 as ear and eye color Use 5 for the hair then add streaks or tips using 6 Put 8 on main body Use 3 for a marking everything that's the darker are on the back and a marking on the face er Use 10 for inner ears and nose Use 11 for a marking on the tail and then use it for a marking wherever else you want Use 9 on chest underbelly muzzle and cheeks Use 4 as the secendary color where all the light grey Use 1 to add a marking of your choise anywhere on the legs drawing by Edward-elric32 Use 7 in anyway you want Put 12 on the claws and tongue As for the paws and underside of tail leave them white or pick any of your colors to color them with Add any finishing touches you want You may remove all the directions if you want or leave them Make sure to leave a link to the original so your friends can do it too! gloomypurrincess reblog with yours!!source Meme

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