progressivefriends: paprikanoir: kimbysaysgo: thatpettyblackgirl: A gentle reminder that the “last lynchings” were between 1981-1991, so it’s less than 40. The CRA act was passed 54 years ago. Not enough people want to hear or remember that. y’all should remember that lynching is the extralegal murder for an alleged offense without a legal trial. Of course these cases of people dying at the hands of police is a lynching. We’re still being lynched. I’ve heard about and seen a few pictures of this museum. I wish they’d make a long-form documentary about the subject and the museum. I’d say call Ken Burns, but I want the work done by people who built this or someone who lost grandparents to it or something. I’m going to write them an email. We all need to hear these stories in this moment.