ELECTRICAL MOSQUITO KILLER Thanks for your purchase of our mosquito killer please read the instruction carefully before using it This is a high effective unit with high-tech with character of special design low energy loss and safety It is the best choose to eliminate insects for modern family Special Function 1 Recycled no sprays no smell no poison no fumes no mess Without any side-effect or bad reaction to human being and propagation 2 This is unit utilizingtwo high-quality ultraviolet bulbs to attract insect which is then eliminated by the high voltage current which runs through the electrified metal grids rear the bulbs 3 Circuitry designed with limit of electric current low energy loss and high efficiency Range of use and best usage 1 Suitable for home restaurants hotels and office except explosive state 2 The effective area of this product is 60square meters with correct using methods 3 Away from strong light and wind power due to it is a device of low power decorate soporiferous bland light and flowing current Using method is important for efficiency EG plug it into an electric socket before switch on the light or switch off all the strong lights for 20-30 minutes suddenly 4 The best location is at the entrance of doors or windows please hang it on the height of 080-120 meters and keep 030 meters away from the wall Maintenance 1 Seal up all edges of the screen windows while the unit is plugged in Keep away from children Do not touch the electrical grill by hands or electrical conductor Suitable for anywhere except explosive state Meme

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