ellow user of theythem Yesterday but why use he or she when they would certainly suffice? Sure This is completely rhetorical I know why I just want other people to think about it before l see more discussion posts with it this semester Also had another professor use the dreaded she in their syllabus Reply Teacher 918am He or she gives one information on that person's sex andor gender The pronouns may not correspond to the manner in which they have historically been used to refer to one's sex but today may denote that person's gender identity Transgender men generally prefer to to referred to as he even though they are biologically of the female sex and transgender women often refer to themselves as she' though they are biologically male We will see this later in the course as we cover these issues Reply 951am Since when did this become so complicatedwhether we use he or she or they or them? If you are a man he If you are a women she Simplicity at its best Reply tw transphobia This is a freakin SOCIOLOGY OF GENDER class Meme

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