ELON'S FIRST STARTup 1851 and roll this massive machine out so that it appeared like Zip2 ran mside of a mini-supercomputer The investors thought that was Kimbal said Heilman also noticed that the investors mpressive bought into Musk's slavish devotion to the company Even then as essentially a college kid with zits Elon had this drive that this thing-whatever it was-had to get done and that if he didn't do it hed miss his shot Heilman said I think that's what the VCs saw-that he thi Musk actually said as much to one venture capital- st informing him My mentality is that of a samurai I would ather commit seppuku than fail Eartly on in the Zap2 venture Musk acquired an important conidant who tempered some of these more dramatic impulses Greg Kouri a Canadian businessman in his mid-thirties had met e Musks in Toronto and bought into the early Zip2 brainstorm- ng The boys had showed up at his door one morning to inform Kouri that they intended to head to California to give the busi- ness a shot Still in his red bathrobe Kouri went back into the dug around for a couple of minutes and came back with a of $6000 In early 1996 he moved to California and joined house Zip? as a cofounder ouri who had done a number of real estate deals in the past usiness experience and skills at reading people Meme

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