Elves Men so so easily corruptable abstinence only condescending will fight over jewelry horny obsessed with genealogy over-dramatic Dwarves stubborn Hobbits xenophobic bursts into song at the slightest provocation capitalism sneaky age and die will eat you out of house and home mirkwoodest bramblepatch mirkwoodest steelosprei mirkwoodest understanding the races of middle earth via their most prominent character flaws My only criticism with this is Hobbits not having capitalism when they literally auctioned off Bilbo’s stuff when they thought he died other races can be capable of capitalism just as multiple races can be capable of being sneaky condescending or over-dramatic but dwarves and men probably invented it Pretty sure dwarves are as obsessed with genealogy as anyone though We know the name of Eomer’s wife’s great-grandfather We know the names of all eleven of Pippin’s great-grandfather’s siblings Arwen’s great-great grandfather’s brother was named Elmo Compare that to the Dwarves Who is Fili and Kili’s dad? Gimli’s mom? Dwarven interest in genealogy ends after the question “are you in line for the throne or nah?” Meme

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