Ely Percy They Them @decenthumanbean Omg I've just sat and listened to a man in his 70s l'd guess telling a woman of a similar age that his grand daughter is trans and explaining that she was not 'born a boy' and that it who were 'mistaken' about her was the parents gender I'm actually nearly in floods of tears 1317 14 Oct 19 Twitter Web App 111 Retweets 868 Likes Ely Percy They Them @dec1d Replying to @decenthumanbean I think the best part of the convo though was when the women asked what his grand daughter did - she did say granddaughter so I was v pleased Li 3 1 126 Ely Percy They Them @dec 1d And he replied 'she's in her last year at the uni doing English and she wants to become a writer - I'm a bit worried about her to be honest - I'm not worried about the other stuff but I don't know how she expects to make any money 3 Li 2 161 Ely Percy They Them @dec 1d So Laura 22 from - I'm not sure where because I didn't catch that part but grandad was defo Glaswegian - best of luck in your transition and your writing your career Li 4 1 196 Trans rights y’all Meme

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