Email Address Phone Number Name optional Site address optional Tip How dare you guys link a video that was 9 months old do you have anything better to do then ruin a young mans career ??? You pissed off a whole fan base thanks a lot What did that b lose ? Oh yea nothing at all she got paid big bucks for acting childish and being disrespectfulI understand men aren't suppose to hit women but If it was just a normal man and women fighting the video wouldn't have been linked 9months later I HOPE YOU ALL LOSE YOUR JOBS!! ateTime Fri Nov 30 2018 806 PM ender Message You guys suck Thanks for ruining my fantasy season KAREEM HUNT FAN OUTRAGE Sender Message Hey tmz here is a hot tip My !! You just F the chiets!! Just because u know we are unstoppable So how about you cheat allttle bit more for the Brady bunch !! FU! Kareem Hunt fans are PISSED! The video of Kareem Hunt clearly attacking a woman is sparking a movement - an angry bitter outpouring of hatred toward TMZ Minutes after the Kansas City Chiefs made the decision to release Hunt we were flooded with emails calling us a**holes pieces of s**t blatant supporters of Tom Brady and many other not-so-pleasant things We pulled together some of the spicier responses here - including one guy who broke up with his GF over the story For the record TMZ Sports is covering Kareem Hunt because there's video of him - a very famous NFL star - striking a woman A woman who went to police to report the assault As we've reported the case appears to be in limbo - the Cleveland City Prosecutor is giving us a no comment As for Hunt's on-field punishment? There'd been none until we published the video and the Chiefs say he lied to them about the incident Point is the story's about something other than struggling fantasy football teams Just sayin' tmz nfl tmzsports kareemhunt football chiefs Meme

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