embyrr922 pyrrhiccomedy ifshehadwings ovaadosedonconfidenc Intuition is real Vibes are real Energy doesn't lie Tune in This is actually called thin slicing Your brain recognizes patterns from very small slices of information by comparing them to things you have experienced betore This all happens very quickly ona subconscious level without our conscious mind being involved So intuition is actually really fast pattern recognition and it can be very accurate So yeah if you have a gut feeling that a person or situation is not good get the hell out Your brain knows what's up When I was young - because l've always been a big skeptical pain in the ass I thought that when people were talking about interpersonal energy they were on some Gay Ass Shit Years later after spending hundreds of hours reading studies about intuition and neuroscience and pattern recognition and the processing power of the subconscious mind I realized that that kind of talk - she has such good energy you need to read the energy of the room l just got some really bad energy off of that guy - is a convenient shorthand for the lightning-rast weirdly-accurate real-as-fuck subconscious processing of the probability of positive or negative social outcomes likely to result from hundreds or thousands of variables That energy isn't a tangible thing floating around in the air It's your brain updating you constantly with information about your situation Listen to it Especially if it's telling you to be nervous or scared Your brain is very good at recognizing danger Let the enormous processing power of your subconscious mind protect you It's better at spotting patterns than you are Bad energy isn't some hippie shit It's your brain setting off a claxon because it knows something's not right Thin slicing is wonderfully helpful but be aware that if it's doing its pattern recognition from bad sources you need to actively override it We're raised in a racist society inundated with racist media and bombarded with subtly or unsubtly racist advice Thin slicing can save your life but it's also the cause behind the unconscious elements of racism and misogynylableismantisemitismislamophobiaetc that we all suffer from Trust your instincts but if your instincts tell you something that seems prejudicial double check their work Trust your gut Unless your gut is a dumbass Meme

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