Emerald vs Briggs Bartering Aa submitted 12 days ago by Cintesis CEmerald 7 comments mod share save hide report -c Emerald has consented to Briggs bringing 2 outfits of 18 Because consent is sexy Emerald & Briggs have agreed to a no-moobot-in-chat match At the very least GINYU FORCE RULES and any of its denominations shall be removed from the filter Emerald & Briggs have decided to wager 5 Club Penguin dol lars on the match Payment required within seven 7 days of the match Today Squid Emerald Apparently Club Penguin doesnt have money to purchase apparently 0310 You guys want $5 of anything? That I can buy a game card online of @briggs You guys can donate $5 to a local battered women's shelter make the donation in the name of 1932 Miller Planetside 2- Miller Server Dear Squid Thank you most sincerely for your generous donation to support the important work of Catherine House Through your donation you are partnering with us to help solve women's homelessness Your contribution ill make a direct difference to the type and quality of programs delivered and to the life chances of women who through varied life circumstance have found themselves homeless 'd like to thank you again for your support and generosity to the women of Catherine House Yours sincerely Madge McGuire Director Catherine House Inc Offical Receipt for Donations We gratefully acknowledge receipt of your donation for $5 Your Receipt Number is Date of Donation 08 Oct 15 Catherine House Inc Meme

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