Emilia 1227 AM A sonnet about a first love 118 AM What a nice nonironic ask Subject matter's adorable so here She places hand to chest with heart a-blaze Each halting thump a dance of heat and joy No other one could brighten up her days Delightful nights' embrace with caring boy No earthly sight as great as she to him Undressing nude in morning bedside light Declaring unbound feeling on a whim Engagement? marriage? Wedding dresses white? Soon bride and groom they loved with all their heart Expecting everything to stay the same Mirages ripple warp and tear apart Idealized people's pictures do the same Love lost is better than a love not shared In some pursuits the rich are those who dared Liked by Emilia Aaaand there we go A sonnet thingy Oh my go Made my whole night that was beautiful Just wait until you read the first letter of each line LMAO Okay night officially made That was great I'm still laughing Then you don't even wanna know about what happens if you read the first letter of each word in my first response Oh my god Do you do this to every girl? Lmfaoooo because that's actually a talent If only it ended there Emilia Read the first letter of the second word of every line In what message? In the poem the first letter of the second word in each line Honestly you deserve it after all that Is that the end of the hidden messages so i can give it to you haha What if I told you to read the first letter of each of your own messages Lmao nah you've reached the end Your message GIF Thats it Im done Ive actually peaked this time and Ill never reach these heights again Meme

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