EMINEM FACT IN 1997 EMINEM WAS EVICTED FROM THE PLACE HE WAS STAYING HIM AND HIS FRIEND WAS PAYING RENT BUT ONE OF THEIF ROOMMATES WASN'T SO THEY WERE ALL KICKED OUT FED UP WITH EVERYTHING EMINEM WROTE ROCK BOTTOM AND ATTEMPTED SUICIDE THAT NIGHT ā€œA bunch of other personal shit was happening in my life right about then and I just thought I wasn't gonna get a deal no matter what and I just took a fucking bunch of pills I puked the shit up I didn't have to go to hospital but my fucking stomach hurt so bad I had a little problem and I just took too many I don't know if I was necessarily trying to kill myself I was just really depressed and I kept thinking more pills more pills I just kept taking 'em I bet I took 20 pills in the course of two hours Eminem says of the ordeal Little did he know that he would soon get the big break he'd been hoping for all of his life eminem slimshady rapper marshallmathers kamikaze hiphop legend quote facts fact Meme

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