emmaupland reasons why I want to see the new ghostbusters movie 1 I like ghostbusters 2 I like girls 3 I like girls who are ghostbusters 4 it will make the straight men mad putmeincoach Your father must be very proud wherever he is Source emmaupland 2825 notes ooo Verizon 95% 943 AM emmaupland+ putmeincoach putmeincoach You mad? emmaupland about what putmeincoach That's it's entirely possible for a film with an all-female cast to suck because it's a bad movie Which it does emmaupland ok putmeincoach Trust me this is not the kind of life you want to live you're going to alienate a lot of people 49% of this planet is male so it's going to be hard to avoid associating with them Write a message GIF ooo Verizon 95% 943 AM emmaupland putmeincoach emmaupland thank you for the advice putmeincoach I'm serious your 3dgy post would be grounds for termination if your boss had seen it assuming you ever get an actual job I know I'd fire you emmaupland dude I'm 15 can you leave me alone putmeincoach And like the weak sorry excuse for a human being you are you use your age as a shield against the horribly sexist stupid opinions you have Which is why people your age can't vote Look suspicious? Mark as spam Write a message GIF acidinthesnow emmaupland I am amazed I love how she doesn’t even engage him and he still goes off as though she had literally spat in his face Pick your battles man Meme

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