Emmy Bengtson @EmmyA2 Follow No abortion No birth control No maternity leave No health care for your kids No care for you This is what a war on women looks like ACLU @ACLU BREAKING The Trump administration just decided to give your boss the power to deny you birth control coverage because of moral objections nprorgsectionshealt 549 AM-6 Oct 2017 39693 Retweets 59658 Likes RO Bo Seefus @cap10killa Followv Replying to Luminaria98 @EmmyA42 Shouldn't get knocked up if you can't afford it Why do I need to fund it? 239 PM-6 Oct 2017 Carrie Crenshaw @homo_ironic Follow Replying to @cap10killa When's your vasectomy? Or do u just rely on your face and personality to hinder reproduction? 1031 PM-6 Oct 2017 vivaladivatracy glendathegoodone Ooop! Still trying to figure out why I am paying for your Viagra then Meme

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