enbal Disorders Bigenderigender B female and androgyne Genders Gigender third Demiagender and nou 9ender and demi- with semigh Androgyne lexample ot female + male boy Agender Gendertess intergender Neutrois Genderuid Genderfluid Genderfluid thrd Genderluid female and intergender gender and demi androgyne and female and neutrois girt Third Gender Genderqueer Pangender! Non-binary Pangender Demigini Agender 4gender version 2 with third gender varsion gendervoid Genderfluid Transgender Epicene example of Travesti n Aliagender fatternative version femaie and male A labelled chart of the many genders of the gender spectrum that real human beings can identify with backed up by medical and psychological professionals that have spent vears proving being trans and other gender identities is a valid and real thing The same chart but editied and shared by memers who are so sad and ignorant they decide instead of accepting and learning about something that is new in this world to them they just treat it as stupid and hostile by doodling on it with Paint and then trying to pass it off as legitimetie scientific fact despite clearly ignoring all research before making Ripping apart these anti gender spectrum memes that are wrong Meme

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