END POLICE TERROR IN FEB ANAHEIM!!! The 66 Going Share Wed Feb 22 at 7 PM Today Euclid St & Palais Rd Anaheim Ca ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA Repost 😣😠😤😠FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO @undocumedia *Anaheim Off-duty LAPD officer forces 13 year old Mexican-American boy onto his property shoots at him FULL VIDEO LINK IN BIO @undocumedia Repost @chicanxpride ・・・ I'm tired of watching my people get hurt *edit* at the start of the video you can see the man grabbing the young boy and he's asking to be let go another boy steps in to help get the man off of him and when he won't stop another one pushes him so he can leave and that's when this idiot pulls his gun out on a bunch of kids I support the 2nd amendment but there needs to be more strict regulations not everyone is deserving of a fire arm this is a prime example why because of emotional outburst and recklessness from a grown ass man now we may have possibly lost another one Anaheim police policebrutality shooting Meme

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