English tests in 30 years QUESTION 5 What is the meaning of this meme? wuackamole icoree unexpectedones drowningxlessons I literally heard the sentence in my head and it’s proof positive that this has evolved into its own language This meme primarily refers to the movie Toy Story in which the toy cowboy Woody has a soundbox that sometimes says “There’s a snake in my boot” when the string on his back is pulled The meme is from an anime and with no edits the image shows a boy gesturing to a butterfly with a caption reading “Is this a pigeon?” It is commonly overlaid with other words or images in order to denote a change in who is speaking what the speaker thinks the object they are gesturing at may be and what the object actually is This particular version of the meme however the image at the bottom where the caption would normally be located is another meme commonly known by the contemporary meme-makers and -viewers as the “free real estate” meme due to the phrase the man uses in the advertisement from which the meme originates “It’s free real estate” Putting all these broken-down aspects of the meme together we can translate the meme into written words The snake gestures to the cowboy boots and thinks “Is this free real estate?” noting its cluelessness in regards to the fact that it likely should not slither into Woody the cowboy’s boot you’re a god I couldn’t put this into words but I understand perfectly Meme

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