enide-s-dear moralistically parisianqueen During the most poor and homeless period of my life I had a lot of people get angry with me because I spent $25 on Bath and Body Works candles during a sale They couldn't comprehend why the hell I would do that when I had been fighting for months to try and get us on our feet afford food and have an apartment to live in Those candles were placed beside wherever I slept that night In the morning I would move them and set them wherever l'd have to hang out At one point I carried one around in my purse one of those big honking 3-wick candles I never lit them but I'd open them and smell them a lot I credit that purchase with a lot of my drive that got me to where l am today I had been working tirelessly 15+ hour days with barely any reward constantly on the phone or trying to deal with organizations and associations to get help at It'd gone on for almost a year by the end of it and I was so burnt out to the point that I would shake 247 But I could get a bit of relief from my 3- wick upper middle class lifestyle candles They represented my future goals my home I wanted to decorate and how I would one day not be in this mess anymore When we moved into the apartment and our financial status improved I burned those candles every single day When they were empty I cleaned them out stuck labels on them and they became the starting point of my really cute organization system I had ALWAYS planned to have So whenever I hear about someone very poor getting themselves a treat maybe it's Starbucks maybe it's a home deco item maybe it's a video game I don't judge them I get it I get that you can't go without anything for that long without it making you go crazy You need to pull some joy inspiration and motivation from somewhere poor people deserve things they want too it is unfair to expect poor people to only buy things they need My grandfather used to tell me if you only have 20 kr left you buy grocery for 10 kr and flowers for the other 10 kr because you need a reason to live as well The spirit needs sustenance too Meme

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