enndgame added scene by meg OKOKYE Don't worry she's got help As Peter gapes in awe a wide array of powerful female Avengers tower over him ready to follow Carol into battle As the women throw themselves at the opposing army with fierceness and poise one figure stands back Shuri jogs up to the boy unable to hide her excitement despite the circumstances SHURI You are the spiderboy! I've seen your videos on YouTube! She extends her arm to him but then quickly realizes there's blasters engulfing both her hands He shyly waves her off and she settles to watching him slowly pick himself up The teens' surrounding them world seems sheltered from the chaos PETER Y-yeah! And you're well I don't know your name but you seem pretty cool- well not just cool you're obviously very accomplished and saying cool seems to diminish- Shuri CHUCKLES as she blasts an approaching monster from her right SHURI You can call me Shuri I'm the Black Panther Peter tilts his head PETER I thought I met and you But don't really seem- SHURI Well I'm not the Black Panther I just clothe arm educate and generally make sure he doesn't die so an argument can be made that I Shuri princess of Wakanda am more worthy of the title but- PETER Look out! Peter sensing impending danger pulls Shuri closer to him using his web shooters Suddenly Thor comes crashing down 2 in the spot where she was Peter as the god takes off again in a flash of lightning just standing Shuri turns to SHURI You know those shooters are not nearly as efficient as be they could Peter looks flabbergasted PETER laughing Ha that' s funny Actually Mr Stark made these himself SHURI Well looks like Mr has a few things to learn Stark still Shuri tilts Peter's head to the side before shooting right through another monster SHURI CONT'D Come by my lab after this is all over and maybe one day you'll be even smarter than him PETER nervous -Ha I doubt that SHURI I don't Shuri winks at Peter before disappearing into the ravenous crowd Peter gapes as he watches her go outoftheframework I know this is pretty low quality but I want to start a series of adding endgame scenes that are 100% fan serviceLmk what you think + what you want to see next Thanks! Meme

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