enrique262 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster liquitadors soviet personnel in charge of the clean-up operation “the liquidation” of the disaster are sent onto the rooftop of the stricken reactor 4 building to clean it up of highly radioactive debris many coming from the inside of the destroyed reactor itself as to ensure minimal working conditions could be established enabling workers to begin construction of the containment building around the stricken reactor the Sarcophagus These men sent after remote-controlled robots originally tasked with this mission constantly broke down due to damage from the heavy radiation were nicknamed bio-robots and worked in such heavily radioactive environment they couldn’t afford more than a minute of working time each on the rooftop as more than that would ensure absorption of a fatal dose of radiation Notice the white flashes at the bottom of the pictures remnants of the radiation itself present in such alien hostile environment which was so strong it reflected itself onto the film inside the cameras as stated by the journalist behind these pictures Igor Kostin The world’s most dangerous job in the world’s most radioactive place during the world’s worst nuclear disaster these men perhaps unknowingly in many cases rose to the challenge and ensured the world would never known the horrors they suffered during that fateful year of 1986 in the Ukraine Meme

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