envyadams today at work i let someone into a dressing room and they said thanks and half of me tried to say you're welcome and the other half tried to say no problem and i ended up saying 'your problem ea this post had me in tears I was hoping the notes would be full of similar stories but they're not so I'll add my story for anyone else looking for more laughs I had to go to a library to pay a fee and I was practicing in the car between I have to pay a fine and have to pay a fee and I walked in and firmly stated I have to pee and slapped a five dollar bill on the counter the fee was like ten cents and walked out This was like three years ago and I still haven't been back My friend was driving and we were almost past our turnof so I tried to say quick and tast at the same time and I ended up screaming QUACK which ended up with him judging me very hard and missing the turn Recently someone in class asked me how I was doing and I started off saying I was good but switched to I'm okay in the middle and ended up saying I'm gay Which while kind of accurate was not what I meant to announce to my classmate This Halloween I was handing out candy and a child said trick or treat and I smiled gave them their candy and apparently my mouth betrayed me and I said Merry Christmas and proceeded to sit down and look up to the sky for answers while their mother laughed at me I was switching between Bye Deanna and Goodbye and I ended up saying Go Die Sometimes I try to say I fucking love you but it comes out in the wrong order and then everyone's uncomfortable When I first started my coffee shop job I was still getting used to greeting customers as they came in the door A man walked in and in the jumble of trying to say How are you doing? and What's up? I ended up demanding What are you doing here? something really cool happened once at the office and i started to say im so amazed but halfway through my mind changed to that's really amazing and i just ended up saying Tm really so amazing one time i was out in the woods in the spring when the birds were just beginning to come out again and i went to say Tm so pumped for the birds and Tm so hyped for the birds and instead i said I'm so humped for birds Once I was walking to school and there was a guy walking his dog and the dog came to me and started sniming me and I was in such a good mood and when I passed by his owner I wanted to say like 'hello or 'good morning or cute dog or something like that and I ended up looking up at him smiling real big and saying thank you I was at the convenience store and I was going to buy a drink but dropped my keys and the drink when I got to the register so I got caught between my drink MY KINK and my keys and ended up screaming I walked up to this registerin a target When the cashier finished checking me out she said have a good day andi wanted to say You have a good day and You too so it came out You have a good do do I FUCKIN H HIT MY HEAD ON A CHAIR FROM LAUGHING TOO HARD AT THIS FUCKING POS T This post is too good I once tried to say have a nice day or have a good day to a customer and said 'Have a nude gay! Still haven't recovered OOC i get really used to working nights or days at my work so i'm oftern jumbled between 'have a nice night and have a good day so often it comes out as have a nice neigh or have a good date or occasionally even have a night die When I interviewed for my lab position I tried to ask how much I would have to handle the mice and rats but I was nervous so I actually said rice and mats instead At DnD my friends and I were eating snacks like you do We had some chips and some beef jerky and some other stu Now one of my friends is a vegetarian and he was steering clear of most of the meat products Out of the corner of my eye I see my other pal offer him a bag of what I ASSUMED was jerky since that's what they were eating before- As I turned to stop him from eating meat- what I started to say was oh no but finished with no don't INSTEAD i wound up screaming ODIN and crushing the harmless chip in my friends hand A friend who worked in retail once told me that their manager wanted them to respond to a thank you with It's my pleasure and said You're my pleasurel instead of You're welcome and my friend messed it up When I was sixteen I was a lifeguard at the YMCA and you could shortcut through the pool to get to the basketball court A lot of hyped up kids would pass through and run on the slippery tile so l'd have to tell them to stop Once I was about to yell DONT RUN and tried to change it to WALK at the last second but I ended up just bellowing RUNI at a couple of preteens who did in fact make for the door like they were in a horror movie kellyoxenfree Source archive95205 Found this old thread with new stories in it I hope people keep adding moreadvice-animaltumblrcom Meme

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