eo EE 0403 Tweet TayGo @taygogo Artist in Chile sneaks into private university and burns tuition contracts $500millon of student debt gone Chile students' debts go up in smoke Artist named Fried Potatoes removed tuition c theguardiancom 06042016 2319 Home Notifications Moments Messages Me keepcalmandcarrieunderwood bitchesgetriches digitaldiscipline luzialowe briarin ilovepeppers When will banksy When will anonymous always reblog this is fucking activism folks if you don’t have access to poorly-secured and un-backed-up debt records you can help do this via legitimate means by donating to rollingjubileeorg - they buy debt the way debt collectors do for steeply discounted prices - like $20 to buy $500 in outstanding debt owed by someone and just… forgive it so it doesn’t need to be paid by the person on whom it’s a burden Welp I know what we’re doing with our blog profits next year! Imagine if a millionaire threw some money at this Anyone who has ever had a celeb interaction on Twitter please tweet this at them and see if we can get them to think it’s fun Meme

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