epochayur people that can swim underwater in chlorine pools with their eyes open are not to be trusted oonabashed This is true I once did this to cheat at a pool game and a kid in goggles saw me do it He wanted to know how so l told him I was part mermaid He wanted to call bullshit but I was like look kid I can prove t but you're not allowed to tell anyone under 18 He said what about his mom I said sure but she won't believe you so it didn't matter if he ratted on me to an adult He was skeptical but agreed For the next ten minutes I executed any number of water related feats-I've been swimming since I was 3 and was on the swimming and diving team in high school I crossed the entire span of the pool underwater without taking a breath I sat on the bottom of the pool for a minute I lifted him over my head while only treading water I floated face down without moving for a convincing stretch of time I did a pretty choice inward pike off the diving board This was what really convinced him He'd seen a dolphin show once apparently and thought it was pretty comparable So yeah This kid was straight up convinced I was a mermaid and was losing his shit and trying to figure out how to get around his promise He went over to the hottub to tell all the parents and they all like smiled and laughed and nodded He could tell they didn't believe him He came back and was like You were right about adults Yeah kid I know Well but you're the most important discovery I've ever made! I gotta tell someonel Well You need to establish some credibility first I told him You have to prove to people that you're a serious scientific thinker and then when you say stuff like this they might believe you He thought about this for a second But what if you just showed them? and I said it was against half memaid rules to show adults anything that could make them suspicious He took this seriously He spent the rest of his time in the pool following me around I taught him how to hold his breath underwater without plugging his nose and how to do a backstroke I'm still proud of this and regret nothing o marky-mark-quack-quack-quack 698054 notes 14 Times People On Tumblr Told Really Great Stories Meme

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