Eric Haynes May 17 at 1009pm FELLAS DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT HAVE SEX LIKE THIS Iwanted to do something fun and different so l tried this sex position for my birthday on May 13th and I've never cum so hard in my life and I've never seen my woman get so wild the look in her eyes scared me but what pissed me off the most is when she grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs up in the air and said Bltch whose dick is this? and not knowing the situation I said yours I felt humiliated the next day and now she wants me to get in this position every time we have sex I can't keep seeing myself letting her put my legs up in the air and taking control of me during sex this is that BSwhen you allow a woman to have fun during sex and be dominant and she goes overboard with it Now I feel funny when she looks at me Bitch whose dick is this Meme

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