erinSCIF for America @erinscafe An 11-year-old told his class he was thankful that his dads were going to adopt him and the substitute teacher told him that's nothing to be thankful for The three girls who stood up for this boy and went to get the principal are actual heroes A Utah substitute told 5th graders that 'homosexuality is wrong' She was escorted out after 3 P sltribcom erinSCIF for America @erinscafe He told his dads that he understood what the substitute was saying DM said he didn't speak up though because he's had two failed adoptions before and didn't want his dads to rethink their decision with his final court hearing coming up on Dec 19 He was so fearful that this could make us think that we don't want to adopt him van Amstel said trying not to cry That's definitely not going to happen But this situation really hurt him This person really hurt us erinSCIF for America @erinscafe Like these girls asked her to stop multiple times and then walked right tf out of class and straight to her boss The kids are all right Three girls asked her to stop multiple times But she continued so they walked out of the room to get the principal As the substitute was escorted out of the building she was still arguing trying to make her point the boy's fathers say they were told by school officials She also tried to blame our son said one of the boy's dads Louis van Amstel “and told him that it was his fault that she went off endangered-justice-seeker One of the most important things you can teach your kids is when and how to say no to authority figures Off-topic but what odd bowties Meme

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